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By Sage (anonymous) | Posted June 14, 2008 at 01:02:21

Mary Louise, watching- and spreading speculative untruths- are two different things. One is perhaps laudable the other is detestable. People who do that lose credibility as you yourself said.

As for Frank, how overblown you are by your self-righteousness. I have never been to the second floor of the Station, but I have been to the first floor on many occasions. It is impeccable. The marble, the paintings, the curtains, the bar area..all something we can all be proud of as a city. I have never been to the Hughson property either, but I'd love to visit. The outside is impeccably restored.
I can't imagine that Liuna would allow the second floor of anything to rot 'from the inside out' as you claim. Where is your evidence of this?

As for the Lister and Connaught. It is public knowledge that Liuna owns the Lister. Did they really own the Connaught? Where is your evidence of this? Or is it another exaggeration? And if they did, which I don't believe to be the case, when did they ever claim they wanted to "destroy" the Connaught as you claim? Again, where is the evidence. My understanding is that when the Connaught was purchased it was immediately gutted of all its asbestos and the outside kept in its original state with the intention being to restore it. Surely someone wanting to 'destroy it' as you stated wouldn't have wasted the money to do the work they did.

Your penchant for blaming Liuna is a joke. I guess they own St. Mark's on the corner of Bay and Main. That building is falling down too. I guess they owned the Tivoli which fell down by itself. Blame Liuna for that! I guess they own the estate on West 5th that is rotting to the core. Blame them for that too. And how about the whole block across from the Tivoli? A great eyesore. Liuna must be neglecting those buildings too. And how about the old Federal building, why not blame Liuna for that building's state also.

You chatterers are so full of yourselves that your impotence needs villains to blame for all the ills of the world. And when they (the villains) don't exist, you make them up. How sad!

I hope it makes you feel better. It sure does nothing to make the city better.

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