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By Frank (registered) | Posted June 13, 2008 at 09:23:22

You sure choose a one sided approach. Applauding LIUNA for doing nothing... The station? That's got LIUNA's name all over it! I used to work upstairs on the second storey there. It's falling apart from the inside out. Might look good...but look closer. What you portray as fact is merely your own opinion.
Your blatant and ill conceived attack on a post that had a link for you yourself to read the "eyewitness reports" that it was based on and which you quite obviously didn't makes me feel that you might be misrepresenting yourself.
Council shouldn't have to make LIUNA do anything! If LIUNA was as good as you seem to want them to be, they'd invest in the buildings... Smart business planning isn't sitting on a title for an iconic property like the Lister and do nothing with the attitude that it will be worth something someday. That building means a lot to the city of Hamilton, and the state it's in demonstrates LIUNA's lack of concern for the image our city has. Lister is right smack in the middle of downtown and although the repairs would be costly, I suspect that once they're completed the property would be worth much more than the costs incurred... Now I wonder what LIUNA really has planned?!?! Once again, your ego stinks and your blind support for an organization that sat on TWO iconic properties (Connaught & Lister) and cries because they can't destroy them and part of Hamilton's image along with them is quite disturbing.

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