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By Frank (registered) | Posted June 13, 2008 at 08:56:31

Sage, you're FOS! so you're even! Your unstaunching love for LIUNA makes me wonder if you're one of the hacks responsible for heritage buildings going to waste because of neglect. If you attended the meeting about the Connaught with Harry Stinson, he talked about the attitude of building owners downtown, specifically LIUNA. He approached them to purchase the Lister but they flat out refused and I believe the words he used were "It'll be worth something someday." When you make statements like "LIUNA has done more for the down town than you or your RTH friends or the downtown heritage do nothings" you ruin your credibility because the obvious fact is that LIUNA has sat on properties downtown and refused to sell to interested buyers all the while allowing their state of neglect to increase till they suffer a fate like the Balfour Building!
Mary Louise might've been overstating things when the post was orginally made however, if you'd taken the time to take the link over to the actual discussion (which by the way, is included in her post) you'd have read where the conclusions were coming from.
Throwing names around is childish. Supporting a "body" for doing good things downtown when they've obviously done nothing demonstrates idiocy. Assuming you're right and everyone else is wrong is egotistical... Need I keep going?

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