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By Sage (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2008 at 21:37:14

Council watch, there is a bakery near Parkdale on Queenston that advertizes italian ice cream and expresso. Last week during the heat wave i stopped to have some Italian Ice. They told me they used to sell it, but no longer do. I could have pursued 'false advertizing' charges against them; I didn't. I walked away disappointed but wiser. Sometimes things are not as they seem. True a demolition company demolishes, but I guess they do other things as well. All Mary Louise had to do was inform herself before posting the post. She has admitted to jumping the gun, and losing some credibility. She is a better person for admitting this. I now don't think she intentionally spread the untruth, but allowed her bias to betray common courtesy.

Comon, admit that on this one, you are wrong. Is it so hard to admit that? Everyone errs. Just say it, "on this one, we were wrong". You will feel better and be better if you take this step.

It won't diminish your next criticism of LIUNA or your love for the Lister, by the way. It will make you more believable. An informed critic is always a better critic. Information is often lacking in your conclusions.

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