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By Sage (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2008 at 17:35:08

Comfrey, Mary Louise said in response to my criticism:

"If I have sacrificed my credibility in order to bring a little more attention to the Lister story, I can live with that."

She hasn't learned to play your game yet, to wit: Decide who the villain is, demonize him/her/it and never look back. Mary Louise is too honest in admitting that her criticism wasn't checked out and therefore she 'jumped to conclusions' or in other words 'lied' whether intentional or not.

And that is all I am saying, DON'T LIE. Is that too much to ask. I know you hate LIUNA. You have made that patently clear. And maybe in your own twisted mind you feel right in hating them, forgetting that they have done great work on their own Hughson Street office and the train Station; and are convinced that the Balfour which as the Spectator guy said no one even knew existed before it came down mostly on its own, by the way.
So, fine. Hate LIUNA if you must. But do not lie as M.L. did by claiming they were ready to demolish the building. They are clearly not; and then to have the temerity of blaming LIUNA for your lies is just beyond the pale.

So, again. Hate them if you must; just do not lie about them. You only diminish yourself.

As for me; I don't hate heritage folks. I actually like those who are constructive. It's the chatterers I dislike. You are probably one of them.

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