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By Comfrey (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2008 at 13:02:50

Nice try Sage. But you fail at trolling.

You can't just sweep all the incommodious facts under the rug. Buildings that Liuna own are falling down because Liuna hasn't taken care of them for YEARS and the city's afraid to stand up to them. Anyone who wanted to could make money off renovating the Lister into condos with stores onthe ground floor, without needing a government bail-out.

You can't blame heritage activists for not doing more, they're not allowed to do more since Liuna refuses to sell the building until after they've already gottn a public check (that's your money and mine) as a reward for neglecting it all these years.

Those heritage activists you hate are buying other buildings on James north and renovating them, even though they're not an international union of skilled construction workers (gasp).

So the Balfour building starts collapsing, and Liuna rushes to knock it down on a Saturday without having a city engineer on hand or saving any of its heritage features, even after promising they would save them. Then they say, Oh by the way we need to knock down the building next to Reardons as well. Then they throw scaffolding up around the Lister building, with signs hanging for a demolition company that's already in trouble for knocking down another heritage building.

Um, what do you expect from people after that ridonkulous track record?? I guess we should just shut up and trust Liuna and not ask questions of "cry wolf" and be grateful for all the WONDERFUL things they're doing for us. :P

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