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By jason (registered) | Posted December 04, 2006 at 12:11:52

yea, I'm not sure. One Duke was always full and the food was amazing. Exactly what Hamilton needs more of, not less. I agree with the idea of getting more residents living downtown, but with 5 lane mega highways ripping past their front door, they'll opt to hop in the car and head to a suburban mall instead of bury their head in their jacket and try to walk downtown pretending to enjoy the screaming noise. I really believe 2-way conversions with trees, wide sidewalks for patio space and un-timed lights could put us over the hump and really bring our downtown fully back to life. We've already got the proof of this - both here and in every other city on the continent. What we don't have is the will or desire at city hall. Too bad - our elected reps choose of their own free will to keep our city down instead of bringing it back to life. Kind of defeats the purpose of electing people to represent us doesn't it?

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