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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted April 18, 2008 at 01:47:12

One letter below this cartoon in today's Spec. put it into the real prospective of the 'Burbs. The writer from Flamboro stated that you 'Can't get there from here'. No public transit out that far to get you to the light rail, no parking out there with a shuttle service, & not much available parking downtown. (But don't we want to 'punish' people who bring cars Downtown? Even if they wish to do the bulk of their trip by public transit & light rail?)

I doubt that light rail will venture into the far reaches of the GHA, or be accessable to those residents without some kind of provision to get those people to light rail stations. This is a point that seems to be missed over & over by those who are lucky enough to have something resembling functioning public transit! You can't beat people up for not using something that is unavailable to them.

Flamboro is serviced by a private bus company that runs buses once or twice a day. (Not very useful at all!) I live much closer to the City, but have no bus service on Sundays or holidays. The last bus from downtown leaves well before midnight. This makes using even current GO bus & train service difficult & expensive, esp, if you tack on a $40.00+ cab fare to get home from the GO station.

As for the Timmy's Habit. I've given it up. Bad coffee (that now costs more than a good cup from Fortinos) is served by crankypants people.
I'm tired of the Timmy's traffic tie ups, & near misses on the roads & in their parking lots. It may be a Hamilton Institution, but civic pride ought to be worth more than that.

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