Comment 20706

By Almost-there (anonymous) | Posted April 02, 2008 at 18:20:14

Great commentary on where we are !But how do you convince the Nimbys... they are still out there faking green morals and refusing to recognize the future.This isn't about the Gore theory ( right or wrong ) .. it is about survival for my kids who at this point still enjoy a 47 ft lot and inefficent use of autos to drive all three boys all over the golden H/shoe to play hockey. It is about my neighbours who are going to line up against a new small townhouse complex down the street. I can live with that.Something I read about the Provincial directions for intensifyig established neighbourhoods. Why not ?Finally , I went from a great honking 4Wheel suv to a smaller AWD , wow 35% bettergas mileage

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