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By sbwoodside (registered) - website | Posted May 14, 2020 at 19:27:31

Great article. I was really looking forward to the Carnegie Gallery presentation in March—I was at the door looking at the sign that it was cancelled. Could it be set up as a live virtual presentation?

There's a lot to like in the related bungalow court design of Dan Parolek / Opticos shown here: . One particular benefit of that design is to concentrate the parking into a small parking lot at the back.

A couple of critiques:

• Your design uses up more than half of the frontage on the lane as parking garages, which I would argue is not very "woonerfy". In fact it looks pretty hostile to pedestrians and children playing.

• The modern design doesn't really fit in with the neighbourhood. It looks cool in renderings but, for example, the overhanging second floors with thin metal columns feel like they are defying gravity–a bit hostile to the public on the lane–a common issue with modernist designs.

Your proposal has many great aspects and it would be great to see the city further modify the rules to allow the land to be severed, with the consent of the owners, to create new laneway neighbourhoods.

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