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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted January 13, 2017 at 11:30:26

Union Pearson express trains have luggage storage racks and food service. Not to mention the trip from Union to Pearson can take along time by car or taxi, a lot longer than 23-25 minutes anyway.

All that being said if, and its a big if, you can have a really fast and efficient trip to the Airport, with an easy transfer to the terminal that is efficient, a bus can make a good airport feeder service, even if you have to bring luggage. In Ottawa the Transitway network has a one of the 90 series buses (the #97) which goes by Transitway in a very quick express route then, uses a off-ramp from the Transitway to directly access the Airport Parkway via a very short trip along Hunt Club Dr. to the short on-ramp. As long the traffic is not too bad on the Hunt Club or the Parkway itself the trip can be blazingly fast and efficient. However, if the traffic on Hunt Club is heavy, even that short a trip, about 120 metres from the ramps off the Transitway to the Hunt Club on-ramps for the Airport Parkway, can slow everything down and just that short section can add 5-7 minutes to the entire trip. Hunt Club Drive, which is a major east-west road in southern Ottawa, is usually very busy in both directions at peak periods especially in the afternoon. Traffic is so heavy during the peak hours, the city is considering bus only lanes on the section of Hunt Club from Riverside drive east past the Transitway, all the way to Bank Street or Albion Road. About 2.5 km. due to the car traffic slowing all the buses in both directions trying access the Transitway.

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