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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted June 19, 2016 at 21:02:16

Actually, I said back in the original post, any group other than those Councilors and same 3 businesses that keep getting mentioned. Surely by now after a decade or so? Some other group has formed an organized resistance against this LRT plan. I have worked too long in this industry to believe that there are so few organized groups against the LRT plan. Yet, nothing but a few individuals on this website, a few isolated businesses and a group of Provincial and Federal Conservative Party wanabe's maskquerading as city councilors who frankly, after speaking with them in a professional capacity at City Hall some time ago, come across as really not that bright or at all knowledgeable on city planning issues. I refuse to believe that people in Hamilton, even those I disagree with, are this poorly organized.

Maybe this this site is the wrong vehicle to get this information but wow! All I originally wanted to know was how well thought out the opposition position's and arguments against this LRT project truly are. I don't want to hear from cranks and people who really know nothing at all about transit issues. Frankly to all those who are against this LRT project, the people you have chosen locally to represent your point of view and do most of the public speaking about it, have at best, no or very little knowledge about rapid transit are pathetic at explaining their positions! The positions of those Councilors who seem to be the biggest and only hope at stopping this project have come up with little more than run of the mill anti LRT points that, generally do a poor job of hiding their true anti all transit feelings!

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