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By JasonL (registered) | Posted December 24, 2015 at 23:39:38 in reply to Comment 115835

Interesting thoughts. Thank-you for sharing them here. Perhaps the two cities are more similar than meets the eye on this issue. From a Hamiltonian perspective, it's automatic envy to visit TO and see calm downtown streets where streetcars have the right of way and street parking is plentiful, instead of 4-5 lane freeways killing business and quality of life like we have here.

You're correct on Claremont. Sadly it took another death to see this project pushed recently. And Bay St is dependant on provincial funding. But IF we luck out and see both happen, we could make some big strides towards the start of a protected network here next year with Bay, Claremont/Wellington, Herkimer/Charlton. All will be protected lanes or cycle tracks.

I still think Hamilton has no reason to not keep pace with Toronto. Taking away a lane from many street here is needed to make them somewhat safer again. In Toronto taking away a lane surely invokes wrath due to the congestion issues. Yet, your city continues to slowly plod forward despite opposition.

In reality, both cities need to get with it and go all in. But Hamilton really has no excuses.

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