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By stefancaunter (registered) - website | Posted November 27, 2015 at 14:09:32

There are thousands of people who feel this way. They like driving, and find Hamilton awesome for it. They buy that newspaper and vote for these councillors. While I am not one of them, and dearly wish that things were like Amsterdam here, and am terrified of having my kids anywhere near Aberdeen (I live south of Aberdeen around Locke), the situation is not going to change until the younger generation demands actual local representation and control over a city.

There is no local representation, and there has not been for 20 years. Municipal councils are not interested in their "downtowns", they are interested in the entire surrounding population that, generally, drives to work and shopping. There is still a very large older generation that thinks life is sitting in a big house, and driving a big car. Lower energy prices are not helping. Sensible energy tax policy would assist in changes in patterns, but again, given the distaste for any fuel tax increases, this is unlikely.

Until the base, underlying political organization changes, to have a downtown city be allowed to control itself, Hamilton gonna Hamilton, and Toronto gonna Toronto. No one, ever, votes against their short term interest.

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