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By JasonL (registered) | Posted November 14, 2015 at 10:59:14 in reply to Comment 114832

if they ever tolled the RHVP or the Linc, all the traffic for mountain commuters who use it to keep other streets less busy and get to their destinations faster will go back to the pre-Linc days where Mohawk, Stone Church and Fennell turn into parking lots from the extra volume.

No it wouldn't. Check out the traffic on those streets the one Sunday a year the Linc is closed for a charity event. Each of them are literal parking lots. On Sunday. During the work-week it would be exponentially worse. People would pay the couple bucks for a speedy trip.

I'm not on board yet with the idea of tolling local residents on these highways. Trucks, certainly.
But the above suggestion regarding Mohawk, Stonechurch etc.... isn't accurate.

As for the broader discussion, if tolls didn't fix anything, the rest of planet earth wouldn't use them so extensively. Is there a nation anywhere with as few road tolls as Canada?? Not anywhere I've been.

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