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By TheXGuy (registered) | Posted November 05, 2015 at 11:19:33

As I mentioned in the other article I’m hoping the city studies the effectiveness of Ramp Metering to manage traffic flow. Yes, eventually the capacity/space recovered will be consumed in the future, but it is a short term inexpensive solution compared to the Jump-Right-In solution of a $100 Million expressway expansion.

Transit only helps if there is a destination available to a user. Has there been any stats collected to determine where all this Expressway traffic is going. (How many trips start and end within the city expressways versus using the Expressways to get to the QEW Toronto bound, for example). Maybe Hamilton is too much of a bedroom community. Perhaps widen the scope of the study and find more ways to attract employers to Hamilton, thus reducing the need for using expressways to leave the city and increase the likelihood of using city transit.

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