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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted November 05, 2015 at 10:17:30

One other point is that Council seems to have little problem increasing tolls for some road users ... transit users!

Every transit user needs to pay up to $2.55 per trip ($2.10 with Presto), regardless of length. How would motorists react to paying $2.55 ($2.10 with transponder) to use the Linc or the RHVP? Any outrage would be hypocritical given that this is just what transit users already pay to use the streets (even to go 5km).

All residents pay for municipal roads through property taxes (either directly or via rent), but to use those roads (apart from walking or cycling) non-drivers need to pay an additional toll.

On top of this, currently in Hamilton, transit users tend be less wealthy than drivers.

There therefore is also a fairness argument for tolling at least some streets so that you don't end up having non-drivers subsidize drivers, and the less wealthy subsidize the more wealthy. The other option would be free transit, which might lead to some mode shift, as well as being fairer.

And the congestion reducing way tolls allow our infrastructure to be used more effectively is yet another bonus.

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