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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted October 23, 2015 at 14:24:13

Me and my spouse decided to do a bike ride starting at the Red Hill Valley trail, which easily connects to the Escarpment Rail Trail; riding back towards the Escarpment Rail Trail.

For Red Hill Valley trail, I found there was no muddiness except for one small section easily bypassed.

Also, the escarpment rail trail is pretty much as good quality as paved -- never muddy. Being a former railroad, it is flat and never has a grade bigger than 1-2 degree. If it's tiring, start at the top of the escarpment close to the Kenilworth stairs, and do a nice easy downhill ride all the way to downtown (or Wentworth). With a well-tuned bike with fully inflated bike wheels, you may be even able to coast most of the time!

If you don't feel like taking your bike up the mountain (or using buses with bike racks), you can also rent a SoBi on Concession Ave. Then and head east (outside SoBi coverage is perfectly fine as long as you don't lock until you come back) until you hit the rail trail. Go onto the rail trail and have an easy ride/coast along the escarpment scenery for several kilometers. Park at any Lower City SoBi station and you're done with your SoBi rental. Would cost roughly the same as a HSR fare ($3 rental for that 45 minute mostly-downhill ride)

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