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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted October 03, 2015 at 16:38:12 in reply to Comment 114045

Actually, that's more promising. It was much harder 20 years ago.

The Main 1-way versus 2-way will be a huge change for Hamilton, and a question that will be one of the biggest major topics locally. That said, the LRT is able to proceed regardless of the outcome of this debate -- but ideally a Main 2-way should happen before the construction of this segment.

Also, construction will be rolling in different sections, so in theory, the 1-way section of King might not get track installation till a couple years into construction -- theoretically buying time until ~2021 before we must make Main 2-way as a construction detour. That's almost a full generation after the first LRT brainstorming, back when James Street 2-way was almost still a pipe dream!

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