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By Dylan (registered) | Posted May 28, 2015 at 20:57:32 in reply to Comment 111814

Is it Hamilton that would necessarily have to pick up the overages? Is not the infrastructure owned by Metrolinx?

The greater potential for cost impact I would think would be dependent on the state in which they find underground services in. The city is on the hook for the replacement of infrastructure that is due for repair//replacement where excavations take place. Granted these are costs the city would incur anyway, hence why we pay for it, but it's a cost accelerated, certainly putting strain on the annual budgets during years of construction.

I may be out to lunch on this. Perhaps someone else knows better.

Regardless, my personal opinion is that it's going to be well worth the investment even if some of this gets passed on to the tax payer. And as of today, it is an IF. We may pay nothing.

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