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By frankly (anonymous) | Posted March 27, 2015 at 17:22:43 in reply to Comment 110653

I used to think blocking lanes was crazy but then I stopped to think about it and all of these supposedly "non negotiable" "through streets" are only through streets because we set them up that way. They absolutely do not have to be. It would be very interesting to study the start and end points of the vehicular trips in this city to understand how much of the mountain access traffic is actually necessary. MANY of these trips should be happening on the highways we are paying for.

Take herkimer from queen to james - why is it a through street? for whom? anyone driving from kirkendall to st joes should not be driving. the fact they drive is a failure of our transit and bike system. people driving from further west should be using main. people from the escarpment should come down a different access, or take the highway to main. herkimer simply does NOT have to be a throroughfare. We just decided to make it one and now everyone is used to it.

the same story is true on many of our neighbourhood streets. to squeeze this city into an insane suburban transportation strategy we have bastardized our neighbourhood streets. maybe it is indeed time to reclaim them and make them more livable and then people who work at sty joes would be more interested in living within walking distance to work because the neighbourhood isn't a traffic sewer anymore

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