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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 25, 2015 at 16:40:59

I hope Councillor Farr will push back and insist that staff implement the signalized crosswalk at the trail crossing that was actually voted for in PB. Adding a warning light farther up the hill, as has been done elsewhere on escarpment crossings with poor visibility, should address the "lack of visibility" problem.

After all, if the visibility problem is not addressed more pedestrians will be killed or injured at the crossing. No one is going to walk 200m out of their way to cross the street! And they should have to.

One of the main reasons behind PB was to implement changes the community wants ... not changes that staff would have recommended anyway. And deliberately refusing to implement a PB project destroys the whole process.

Having staff come back and say "We understand the community has voted funding for a signalized pedestrian crossing at the trail where someone was killed and where many pedestrians find it difficult to cross safely. We'll put in an unsignalized crossing 100m away at a different street that we're pretty sure none of the trail users will actually use. Job done." is just not good enough.

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