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By GTA MOVE (anonymous) | Posted February 09, 2015 at 11:56:10 in reply to Comment 108857

Then this must change. Public transport supporters will need to dedicate their energy towards getting the city to upgrade these features for all 5 routes in the BLAST network.

This builds a base of "quality" transit, upon which the LRT will be built as a necessary upgrade.

York Region's VIVA has 4 routes operating and they are building rapidways for all four. Brampton Transit Züm has 4 routes operating and is waiting for the funding to upgrade to rapid transit. Both of these services invested in the facilities & amenities for all the routes. Now they are moving to the next level.

MiExpress has 5 routes but didn't invest in the facilities and amenities like Brampton and York Region. Too much money was spent on the capital costs of the Transitway even though the vast majority of users are on other routes.

Hamilton will be better off if they emulate York Region and Brampton, not Mississauga.

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