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By redmike (registered) | Posted February 08, 2015 at 12:52:39

by the way some of the anti transit zealots in this town are already jumping on the "lets fund an express bus to waterdown THEN talk about lrt" bandwagon, im worried. some might wonder at the speed in which dixons report is already being used as a possible beard to ask the province for transit dollars that get spent on horse and buggy tech to derail (no pun) true public transit progress. to wit, timely article in the hamiltonian about dixons report. some might perceive it as kinda of a pushpoll opinion piece. i have asked the hamiltonian for authorship of this article, but they will not respond. some might find the tome similar to others by john "every tax dollar spent on public transit in hamilton is one less tax dollar available for a mid pen parkway" best. some may hear the echos of peggy "anti lrt champion bob bratinas leuftenant" chapman. its easy to confuse the two writers editorially, possibly as some say because peggy chapman worked with/for john best for so long and so closely. its possible or even likely that hamiltonian publisher herself teresa " longtime co publisher with john best AND longtime business associate peggy chapman" difalco herself wrote the piece. forgive some for getting confused as to the authorship of the article. it easy to understand given the longstanding business ties and editorial synergy between best, chapman and difalco. maybe a straight answer as to who wrote the post would help.

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