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By Noted (anonymous) | Posted February 06, 2015 at 12:18:20

"The report recommends a number of new capital expenditures to grow transit: $15.6 million for 25 new buses: 11 new express buses to start growing the "BLAST" network of express corridors and 14 new local buses.... For the $15.6 million in new vehicles, the report recommends sourcing $3 million from development charges, $5.7 million from the transit vehicle replacement reserve, and $6.9 million to be requested from Metrolinx as part of a request to cover the unfunded capital requirements in the ten year plan."

This is presumably in addition to or in place of the 24 CNG buses ("including nineteen replacement buses, and five previously approved expansion buses") recommended for the 2015 budget cycle at a Dec 8 2014 Public Works Committee meeting.

So, 11 buses over 10 years to start growing the rapid transit system. Better than nothing, though there is an irony in enhanced service on the recently truncated 44 Rymal line (BLAST's S), and optimism in express enhancements to the 18 Waterdown route (BLAST's L), which registered a barrel-scraping 1.6% R/C (~2 boardings per revenue hour) in IBI's 2010 report.

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