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By jason (registered) | Posted October 05, 2014 at 15:13:12 in reply to Comment 105222

definitely not in any of our lifetime. Too many locals who have apparently never traveled beyond the local Hortons/Box centre.

All of the streets between Main and King are perfect spots to point out the dangers of these streets. All the folks on those generally quiet, tree-lined streets, see their streets become mini-freeways as people roar from King to Main and reverse since the street they exited onto wasn't two-way. What should be great residential neighbourhoods are dangerous streets for kids.

My wife and I saw a dynamite home on one of these streets years ago but didn't pursue it due to these streets.

A friend from out of town was considering buying a home on one of these blocks about 5 years ago. His family hated the freeways at either end of the block, but in conversation he said to me "surely Hamiltonians and City Hall will get to fixing these streets ASAP. Nobody in their right mind would allow them to remain as the lower city hoods start to become desirable again". He also mentioned the (at the time) impending LRT plan asked my opinion as a life-long resident. I told him to only buy the home if he was completely happy with everything remaining exactly as it is because if history is any indicator LRT won't be happening and these streets will remain freeways for the rest of our lives.

They thought about it longer and passed it up, and have decided to remain in downtown Toronto in a smaller home with much better quality of life for their family. 5 years later they are SO thankful that they didn't make the move banking on common sense ever arriving in Hamilton.

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