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By fmurray (registered) | Posted October 05, 2014 at 13:39:26 in reply to Comment 105175

You seem to be implying that because of prohibitive cost, we are stuck with one-way King and Main streets forever. That's a depressing thought.

Main and King being one-way is very inconvenient. A lot of drivers see only the convenience of high speed traffic, and don't seem to realize how much more flexibility there would be with two-way traffic.

One example: One evening this week I was on my way to the RBG from my home in Durand, with a quick stop at Fortino's. To get back onto Dundurn northbound, I had to exit the parking lot to Dundurn southbound, left on Main and through a residential street to get back to King in order to turn right on Dundurn. If King was two-way, I could have exited the parking lot to King and turned left on Dundurn -- no "extra" residential neighbourhood cut-through necessary. (Normally I would plan to stop at Fortino's on the way home to avoid all of that twisting and turning driving, but was not sure if I would be back before the store closed.)

So, I've started to point out the inconvenience of our one-way system to people in general conversation whenever the opportunity arises. Sometimes they see the light, but the brainwash about our 50-year old system is well-entrenched.

We'll get there. It possibly won't happen in my lifetime, but some day.

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