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By Loves cars and bicycles (anonymous) | Posted October 03, 2014 at 03:46:41

1) The person above clearly has never lived in Toronto...only outsiders use Spadina to get out of the city....this is a bad analogy.

2) leaving the bus lane intact in its current position will only cause more road damage and desimate the current businesses.... See dufferin street Toronto.

3) how can you honestly look at King and Main and think to yourself that these streets are safe?.... Really... Think.... Look at the speed of a go bus as it launches through King at Locke and makes people stand back on the SIDE WALK.

4) if you take the number of lanes on both King and Main, add them together and divide by two... Guess what! You have the same amount of lanes going east and west.... Yay math!... Yay options!

5) it doesn't matter if you cross at a light... Crossing dundurn on the North side of king is very dangerous at the light due to cars turning left... And due to the "Green Wave" of traffic lights, people run reds to stay with the other pack of cars.

6)why are we debating things that other municipalities have figured out long ago... It's time for some Hamiltonians to get out and experience how things work elsewhere.

7) I am so sick of hearing the "This is Hamilton not Toronto" argument... Hamilton Has people just like Toronto. We would all like to live in a safe place that has jobs and various ways to get to them without getting in a car... Or get killed by one.

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