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By ItJustIs (registered) | Posted October 01, 2014 at 17:43:42 in reply to Comment 105098

"But really, what top 10 national metropolitan centre would pride itself, or even try to be constructed, as a quick place to drive THROUGH."

At both the Ward 1 and 3 Candidates' Evenings this week and last, there were candidates that essentially said 'Don't screw with the flow of traffic on King and Main! I used to be able to drive from Dundurn to Eastgate and hit all the lights. Leave things as they are!'

(But my Quote of the Week belongs to a candidate in Ward 9 who had previously been a Mayoral candidate: 'Where to put LRT? I think Burlington Street is a good choice, so there'd be as little disruption (of traffic) as possible.')

We haven't even begun to come close to having the necessary dialogue on these issues...despite how some of you insist that there's been sufficient public consultation and are resistant to any sort of conversation...and they have to happen 'out there', not just here at RTH. I don't think that much of a conversation can happen during the campaign (too much earnestness on the parts of the interested parties and too much pussy-footing by the candidates. But after the election? Fingers crossed.

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