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By jeffzuk (registered) | Posted October 01, 2014 at 14:50:45 in reply to Comment 105074

I've never seen any serious congestion at all west of Bay, which is the stretch these merchants were complaining about.

I saw plenty of it when I was driving my kids from the east end to McMaster camps during the summer. I'm pro-LRT, bike lanes and most of the current urban-planning items, but the planning behind this bus-only lane confused me. To the author's point, it's probably more an argument against BRT rather than anything else. It's also a further argument that implementation is just as important as concept (which is one of the knocks against Buffalo's LRT system). The city has lots of ways to screw this up. Case and point.

Let's not be too cold-hearted to the businesses, even if they were struggling prior to the bus-only lane or have a hidden (or not so hidden) anti-LRT agenda. None of us want businesses to fail, unless I suppose they were ones we can't support morally (hello cheque cashers!).

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