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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted October 01, 2014 at 08:20:25 in reply to Comment 105042

Arterial roads like Guelph Line, Appleby, Walkers have 4-6 lanes of steady 80km/h traffic through neighbourhoods with substantial property values.

A couple of observations, at least south of the highway.

  • Commercial and industrial lines these arterials along the wide and fast portions.

  • Residential is in the minority or non existant along the wide "arterial" portions.

  • South of New Street, where residential begins to exist directly along these arterials, they narrow and have bike lanes.

  • The inside of residential blocks are laid out non-linear in order to stop shortcuts. Speed humps included. Big difference right there alone.

  • Plains/Fairview have residential increasing along them - and, now that the King Road underpass is complete - Plains is to get redone as a complete street, with through traffic on the highway where it belongs.

In other words, yes there are some very wide and scary arterials in Burlington. But those tend to be where people shop and bike lanes are plentiful at least. Where people actually live they are miles ahead in calming residential areas. The "expensive" houses are definitely NOT along the wide arterials. Residential and street-facing mixed use intensification is occurring along streets that will not stay this way for much longer.

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