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By jason (registered) | Posted July 15, 2014 at 22:08:35

Loved Sunday. It was great to just stroll. Also important to note, every restaurant was packed, patios were packed, food trucks at Pier 8 with the World Cup game outdoors did great business. Apparently we don't need car traffic to sustain business, and some restaurants I suspect will show higher incomes than a typical Sunday.

Also had the discussion with some folks in the hood about it being weekly over the summer and extended/connected to other neighbourhoods. In Bogota, I got to witness the weekly Ciclovia and noticed that many streets were entirely closed, but some were partially closed. Also, they have a huge network connecting massive areas of the city.

An idea: close Locke, or at least half of it, from Herkimer to Main. Close all of Locke from Main to Barton. This allows for connection to Dundurn Park and eventually the Locke-Waterfront pedestrian bridge if it ever gets built. Close James as it currently is Close Ottawa from Barton to Gage Park. Close one extra lane of Cannon to double the width of the soon to open bike lanes allowing for connection from Ottawa to James and Locke safely.

Other additions: James South to St Joes Drive, and half of St Joes Drive and the south half of the Jolley Cut up to Sam Lawrence Park. Augusta from James to Walnut/Shamrock Park Concession St from Sam Lawrence to Gage

Lots of possibilities and would be great to connect upper/lower city and destination parks with retail/commercial corridors along the route.

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