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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted July 03, 2014 at 13:40:20

After an injury required me to relocate closer to work, I chose Burlington because of the cycling infrastructure.

The choice was between this and this.

Burlington south of the QEW has good bike lane coverage, and I see out my balcony the result; many people of all ages on their bikes, and many kids bike/skateboard/rollerblade to school. The result is a lower stress, better health situation. I don't recall every being this relaxed going to work and amenities that are this nearby.

Now, when I have to cross north of the QEW, or visit a business on New Street or Harvester, things get more dangerous. Drivers in Burlington can be just as uncourteous; those who perceive a cyclist riding in mixed traffic an outrage. Since moving here on May 1, only two cars have road raged on me. A BMW on Harvester; a BMW on New Street, both without bike lanes. Otherwise, my commute looks like this.

The fact that I clearly understood that higher property taxes were to be paid, and in return for those costs I'm getting a safer and more pleasant city to move around in, I'll thank such commentators to shut their ignorant mouths. Show a little humanity and perspective. I take offense to being falsely accused of being a freeloader, and challenge such folks to think outside their own selfishness and stereotyping for just a second to see that they are flat out wrong in their worldview about transportation in a city. This new resident of Burlington was drawn here because of the cycling infrastructure, and I whole heartedly support the separated bike lane, and other urban-friendly initiatives that Burlington is taking in its downtown.

(I'm still in Hamilton often and lived there for 20 years, so still very much rooting for the Hammer to be awesome!!)

And what a crass title. "Time to end freewheeling ways". Goodness, what shallowness.

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