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By Matt (anonymous) | Posted July 03, 2014 at 10:15:12

This couldn't be any more than true. I'm not an active bicycler any more however I fully support complete streets.

Everyone should have a right to get around the city the way they want in a safe manner. This should include fully protected bike lanes. If I had a safe way to travel around the city, I would absolutely use these bikes lines with my kids.

When I was younger I had no fear, and therefore rode my bike all year round on any street, including some of Hamilton's busiest. I've had a LOT of close calls but fortunately haven't been hit.

Now with kids I won't even let them off my street with a bike, even though as a youngster I rode all over Hamilton, up and down accesses, stairs and even at one point made my way to Toronto and back with a friend during a warm summers day.

My best adventures were on a bike but I can't even imagine any of my 3 kids (Even with the proper training) to ride around the city in any manner. Growing you you never realize the dangers that are out there unless you were in an accident. Now as an adult you have a different perspective and attitude, when it comes to responsibilities and providing for your family. Bike riding is a risk that I can't do on our streets safely.

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