Articles in Special Report: West Harbour

Selling Sunset: Quick Fix in Broken Housing Market
If affordability is truly the goal for Strachan/Bay, then it cannot be achieved by putting the land on the market, but rather by making it available on favourable terms to a co-operative or other non-profit housing developer.
by Shawn Selway
Published April 07, 2017 in Special Report: West Harbour (6 comments)

Pier 7 and 8 Urban Design Study: Good, but not yet Great
There are still opportunities, specifically from a transportation perspective, to develop this community as one that embraces sustainable transportation and can lead Hamilton and the broader region towards better health and reduced emissions.
by Matt Pinder
Published May 16, 2016 in Special Report: West Harbour (15 comments)

West Harbour - No Ghetto Hamilton
This new short video by Graham Crawford makes the city's West Harbour redevelopment plan crystal-clear.
by RTH Staff
Published March 07, 2016 in Special Report: West Harbour (3 comments)

Cart Before Horse: Why It May Be Too Late to Create the West Harbour We Deserve
One starts to wonder if this is really about resident engagement, or just a marginally different tick-the-box PIC process so the City can stay can say we were consulted, yet still move ahead with a predetermined plan.
by Graham Crawford
Published February 22, 2016 in Special Report: West Harbour (21 comments)

Waterfront Redevelopment Plan Needs Public Transit
Planning a transit corridor through the Pier 7/8 redevelopment before redevelopment begins is an effective way to ensure that we serve our newest urban neighbourhood with convenient rapid transit.
by Dan Botham
Published January 04, 2016 in Special Report: West Harbour (34 comments)

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