Articles from February, 2010

The Youth are Starting to Change
In the face of asinine, narrow-minded, alienating legislation, the youth are starting to mobilize.
by Chris Erl
Published February 27, 2010 in Commentary (38 comments)

Memo to Brantford: Hamilton Heritage Demolition 101
The process of decimating heritage, though it appears to be swift and easy, is a long-drawn and rigorous affair. We should know; after all, we wrote the manual on this.
by Mahesh P. Butani
Published February 22, 2010 in Commentary (18 comments)

Two-Way Streets, Not More Studies
Hamilton needs to follow the footsteps of those cities that already mustered the courage to do right by their downtown streets and are enjoying the fruits of the urban renaissance we also claim to desire.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 21, 2010 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (59 comments)

Walkability? We Can't Manage Driveability
Making changes to improve walkability and liveability would go a long way to ward improving driveability, too.
by Michelle Martin
Published February 20, 2010 in Belonging (29 comments)

Slap Shot is a Bona-fide Classic
Slap Shot is a funny way to get reacquainted with the game of hockey and Paul Newman in his prime. Despite the film's age there's a real sense of timelessness to it, regardless of when it's set.
by Albert DeSantis
Published February 20, 2010 in Reviews (2 comments)

I Like (Trains)
All we are saying is give trains a chance. I like John Lennon. I like Hamilton. I like living here. I'd like it more if there were a train.
by Kevin Somers
Published February 20, 2010 in Entertainment and Sports (5 comments)

The Late Shift: Worth a Second Look
With the hullabaloo about the late night NBC Leno/Conan shuffle there is a feeling of déjà vu. Late night TV fans will probably remember this whole thing happened before in the early 1990s when Johnny Carson stepped down from the "The Tonight Show".
by Albert DeSantis
Published February 20, 2010 in Reviews (0 comments)

Urban Destruction in the Heart of Brantford, Ontario
This decision to demolish buildings along Colborne St takes a marginalized city and further marginalizes it. It is such a complete reversal of things I value that I remain stunned and saddened.
by Michael Cumming
Published February 18, 2010 in Architecture (30 comments)

Survivorship Bias and Business Opposition to LRT
Current business owners don't understand LRT beyond its narrow role as transit. Worse, as survivors of the status quo they misrepresent the lost potential for transformation.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 17, 2010 in Special Report: Light Rail (38 comments)

Regional Hopes
A Family Day Special: Let's take this opportunity to think about how we can expand our circle of family to think of Hamilton as a region, not a collection of separate, squabbling units.
by Mahesh P. Butani
Published February 15, 2010 in Commentary (5 comments)

Hamilton King-Main Rapid Transit Benefits Case
HTML version of the Metrolinx BCA for rapid transit in Hamilton.
by RTH Staff
Published February 14, 2010 in Special Report: Light Rail (14 comments)

Engaging Citizens to Help Shape Burlington
A new citizens' advisory committee in Burlington seeks to develop best practices the city can use to do a better job of engaging the public.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 12, 2010 in Politics (7 comments)

Citizens on the March at First By-Law Crawl
Whether the City is aware of a building's condition but chooses not to enforce the property standard by-laws is a moot point after the building becomes a heap of rubble.
by Trey Shaughnessy
Published February 07, 2010 in Downtown Bureau (39 comments)

On Writing for Online Publications
Newspapers whose online versions are not much better than electronic versions of what was delivered to houses won't be able to attract letter and commentary writers, and readers of same, who are interested in discourse.
by Michelle Martin
Published February 06, 2010 in Belonging (0 comments)

The Lizard Brain and the LRT
If we want LRT to work in thic city, someone is going to have to take the first step to address the fear through meaningful dialogue.
by Jason Allen
Published February 04, 2010 in Hardy to Zone 6 (40 comments)

Kay Drage Park and the Origins of Written Language
As I advance into old age I suspect I'll retreat ever deeper into solitude. To this end I will write in my own language, in my own alphabet, and produce photo essays comprehensible to no one but myself.
by Mark Fenton
Published February 01, 2010 in Photo Essay (11 comments)

Evaluate LRT on Facts, Not Irrational Fears
LRT has been proven again and again to spur development, attract new taxpaying businesses, increase property values (and tax assessments), and lure residents to the line.
by Sean Burak
Published February 01, 2010 in Commentary (26 comments)

Are We On a Slow Train to Nowhere?
After years of futzing around on a matter that has already been studied to death, the Ontario Government may end up simply running down the clock on Hamilton's best chance at a decent transportation spine.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 01, 2010 in Special Report: Light Rail (41 comments)

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