Articles from January, 2010

Making Hamilton the Best Place In Canada To Raise a Child
Parents may be enticed by a slogan, but until the City and the Jobs Prosperity Collaborative substantially improve the regional employment market, they will be disappointed by reality.
by Keanin Loomis
Published January 28, 2010 in Signs of Life (35 comments)

Hand-wringing Over Spike in Pedestrian Deaths Avoids Effective Solutions
If we are serious about eliminating pedestrian deaths and injuries, we need to re-engineer our urban streets to make it difficult or physically impossible to drive at high speeds.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published January 27, 2010 in Commentary (42 comments)

Hamilton Demands our Collective Best
Speech to the Distinguished Citizen of the Year Awards Dinner, January 25, 2010.
by Terry Cooke
Published January 26, 2010 in Commentary (16 comments)

The Bi-Polarity of the Core
We will never truly revitalize the downtown core until we can overcome our parochialism and cast away our lingering suburban mindset.
by Mahesh P. Butani
Published January 25, 2010 in Opinion (48 comments)

Review: Bistro Parisien
Excellent food, charming service, and attractive space conspire to make Bistro Parisien a uniformly delightful dining experience.
by Ryan McGreal
Published January 25, 2010 in Reviews (14 comments)

Daisy, Doug, and Me
Doug is part Lab and part German Sheppard and has the best qualities of both breeds, so he's smart and sweet and loyal and loveable.
by Kevin Somers
Published January 24, 2010 in Entertainment and Sports (0 comments)

Fat Chance
The steady rise of agribusinesss profits mirrors our rising national BMI. Doesn't feel like comfort food to me.
by Darren Kaulback
Published January 24, 2010 in Raise a Little Green (5 comments)

Hamilton's First By-Law Crawl
By-law enforcement is complaint-based. We need to break the cycle of willful negligence and emergency demolition in this city by reporting reporting property standards by-law infractions to the city when we see them.
by Matt Jelly
Published January 20, 2010 in Events (77 comments)

The Fall of The Century: The Cinema History Factor
If you've rented a VHS or DVD movie, or watched a broadcast of a film, or gone the Pay-Per-View route, or purchased movies to add to your library, then you're part of the reason that the film business changed.
by M Adrian Brassington
Published January 20, 2010 in Commentary (4 comments)

To Prevent the Next Century Collapse, Understand the Bigger Picture
It was possible for The Century to be left to its slow, painful, inexorable demise not just because its owners didn't give a damn but also because the environment allowed for it to happen.
by M Adrian Brassington
Published January 19, 2010 in Commentary (2 comments)

Why I'm With CoCo, And Why That Spells Trouble For Traditional TV
The escalating O'Brien/Leno feud illustrates the growing disconnect between a generation of Hulu-streaming, time-shifting viewers, and the networks and advertisers desperate to reach them.
by Ryan Danks
Published January 15, 2010 in Media (13 comments)

A Cinema Treasure Is Destroyed
The loss of the Century Theatre is just another chapter in a long and tragic saga: the destruction of our historical treasures and collective architectural memory.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published January 09, 2010 in Architecture (71 comments)

Plenty of Shame to Go Around
The trend toward "routine" annual parliamentary resets will prove hard to resist for whichever party ends up in power after the next election.
by Ryan McGreal
Published January 05, 2010 in Editorial (83 comments)

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