Articles from December, 2009

Good Riddance, 2009
Despite what has occurred in 2009, I celebrate the new year with a mix of relief, for having survived a tough year, and optimism, because next year surely cannot be any worse.
by Keanin Loomis
Published December 29, 2009 in Signs of Life (25 comments)

Mark Zuckerberg's Visiting Card
Since no one pays a monthly fee to use Facebook, it must be recognized that Facebook users are paying some other way.
by Michelle Martin
Published December 28, 2009 in Belonging (7 comments)

20 Years Later, Roomers and Boarders Still Vulnerable
There is an assumption that there is a legal structure protecting rooming house tenants, but a legal grey area and lack of policy focus leaves them vulnerable.
by Bob Wood
Published December 23, 2009 in Commentary (19 comments)

Peak Climate and New Energy
Failure of the Copenhagen farce will surely reawaken media and public opinion to the complex trends of both natural and anthropogenic climate change, along with anthropogenic ecosystem disruption, degradation, and destruction.
by Andrew McKillop
Published December 23, 2009 in Special Report: Climate Change (0 comments)

Rosewood Suites: East Hamilton Rental Apartment Building Goes Condo
It's a home that can rise in value, is close to public transit, is walkable to most places that people in the suburbs must drive to, and affordable.
by Trey Shaughnessy
Published December 17, 2009 in Cranespotting (67 comments)

Dave Braden: Interview with the Guru of Efficient Home Design
Dave Braden's own house might be the most energy efficient in the whole country when it is fully completed, but there is nothing especially high tech or secret about this style of building.
by Ted Mitchell
Published December 16, 2009 in Ideas (12 comments)

Love, Tiger, Love Tiger, Tiger Love, Tiger's Lovers
I could have contacted each of you personally, but Tiger didn't feel like it. Tiger is busy. Tiger has to go. See you never.
by Kevin Somers
Published December 16, 2009 in Entertainment and Sports (5 comments)

Searching for Signs of Life
I want to tap into what is good in Hamilton and thus I begin my search for signs of life by engaging you, the Raise the Hammer Community.
by Keanin Loomis
Published December 15, 2009 in Signs of Life (39 comments)

New RTH Website
RTH looks mostly the same, but under the covers it's running an entirely new code base. We took advantage of the cutover to add some badly-needed features.
by Ryan McGreal
Published December 14, 2009 in Site Notes (12 comments)

Pittsburgh and its Golden Triangle
In Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle, the remnants of previous eras when Pittsburgh was incredibly prosperous are everywhere to be seen.
by Michael Cumming
Published December 09, 2009 in Commentary (15 comments)

All You Can Drive
Market-based highway tolls would get us out of our traffic jams and into an optimistic future of high quality regional transit, stronger job growth and better economic prospects.
by Ryan McGreal
Published December 09, 2009 in Editorial (16 comments)

Are You Angry Enough to Get Involved?
I want a downtown that is a destination, not an avoidance. I want a downtown that is a model, not an embarrassment. I want a downtown that garners respect, not ridicule from other cities across Canada.
by Lorne Opler
Published December 07, 2009 in Opinion (111 comments)

The HST Does Not Matter
Never mind the HST. We need to talk about an unsustainable fossil fueled economy, health care, poverty, transportation infrastructure, the role of cities, foreign policy, and the military.
by Ted Mitchell
Published December 06, 2009 in Ideas (38 comments)

Blood Guts Bruises Cuts by The Dudes
Classic rock at its finest: hard without being aggressive, beautiful without being pretty, and so bristling with hooks that you can't help but get stuck on it.
by Ryan McGreal
Published December 04, 2009 in Reviews (2 comments)

Bill Strickland: Start Believing in This City
By doing something good for your community, however small, you are transforming your environment for the better, and a better environment drives better behavior.
by Lorne Opler
Published December 02, 2009 in Commentary (7 comments)

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