Articles from November, 2009

Council Cop-Out on Area Rating
Council is passing the buck by shifting the political heat that radiates from area rating off their own backs onto a randomly selected group of residents.
by Ryan McGreal
Published November 25, 2009 in Special Report: Transit (81 comments)

Power Shift in Singapore, Yet APEC Offers No Clear Answers
The APEC Summit delineated a shift in power toward China, but it also presented a new set of priorities in which the environment didn't seem to top the list.
by Ramzy Baroud
Published November 25, 2009 in Commentary (0 comments)

Defining Hamilton's Creative Industries
Hamilton's Planning & Economic Development Department must take care not to define creative industries too narrowly. The good news is, they're listening.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published November 24, 2009 in Special Report: Creative City (20 comments)

Pan Am Games Highlight Need for Hotel Space
If Hamilton wants to be taken seriously, it must build a showcase hotel, one that stands on par with any of the top-flight name brands
by Lorne Opler
Published November 24, 2009 in Commentary (15 comments)

COP15 Failure or Peak Oil Success
Climate change is too complicated and controversial to form the political basis for worldwide CO2 emissions cuts. The case for peak oil is much clearer and harder to dispute.
by Andrew McKillop
Published November 18, 2009 in Special Report: Peak Oil (2 comments)

Globalization Unchecked: How Alien Media Suffocate Real Culture
To sell products, global media also sell ideas, often one-sided, and create unjustifiable fascinations with ways of life that hardly represent natural progression for many vanishing cultures and communities around the world.
by Ramzy Baroud
Published November 18, 2009 in Opinion (5 comments)

Lots to Like About Locke
Locke Street is easily establishing itself as Hamilton's premier destination of eclectic shops, services, and eateries. A new cheese shop soon to open will further increase the mix of amenities.
by Lorne Opler
Published November 12, 2009 in City Life (68 comments)

OK, GTA: We Won the Games, Now Don't Screw Up the Legacy
If planners and decision makers want to get the most out of the Pan Am Games, they need to keep two core principles in mind: think long-term, and think urban.
by Ryan McGreal
Published November 09, 2009 in Special Report: Pan Am (63 comments)

Cross Border Twin Cities?
Having lived in Buffalo and now Hamilton, I see countless similarities between the two cities. Here is my take on what makes both these cities alike - and both likable.
by Lorne Opler
Published November 06, 2009 in Opinion (14 comments)

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