Articles from October, 2009

Affordable, Accessible Public Transit: Keys to Poverty Reduction and a Vibrant Community
Presentation to Committee of the Whole, Transit Budget Hearings: October 29, 2009.
by Tom Cooper
Published October 30, 2009 in Special Report: Transit (57 comments)

McMaster Innovation Park Open House
In academic settings and in industry innovation is not always encouraged, but combining academic research with industrial production can be a potent combination.
by Michael Cumming
Published October 28, 2009 in Commentary (5 comments)

Neglected Transit: Time to Bring Hamilton's Unloved Stepchild Back into the Fold
Why does our strategic plan to double transit ridership by 2025 never, ever translate into policy decisions that move us incrementally toward that goal?
by Ryan McGreal
Published October 27, 2009 in Special Report: Transit (50 comments)

Letter to Council: Flawed Transit Funding Process Needs Public Input, Accountability
In the absence of any meaningful process of engagement, and given how information is kept secret until the last minute, we have a sure recipe to breed conflict, confrontation, and poor transit decisions.
by Peter Hutton
Published October 26, 2009 in Special Report: Transit (2 comments)

COP-15 Risks: Moving The Goal Posts Too Far
Not only real world realpolitik, but also energy-economic facts and figures militate against a Happy Ending in Copenhagen for climate change mitigation.
by Andrew McKillop
Published October 26, 2009 in Special Report: Climate Change (2 comments)

My (Hockey) Life in Hamilton
It's inevitable Hamilton will get an NHL team. The day I walk to their first home game, my life will be complete.
by Kevin Somers
Published October 23, 2009 in Entertainment and Sports (6 comments)

Hamilton Joins Campaign on Climate Change
Send Your Message to Ottawa on Saturday, October 24: Hamilton Wants Action on Climate Change.
by Jen Dawson
Published October 21, 2009 in Special Report: Climate Change (35 comments)

On the Beams of Light Rail
Main Street was made for light rail transit. What other city can just slip in an LRT through the city from end to end along a straight, wide corridor already waiting?
by Elizabeth Parker
Published October 09, 2009 in Special Report: Light Rail (58 comments)

James North Supercrawl: Be there
This Friday night, James North will play host to Art Crawl on steroids. You can't miss this!
by Ryan McGreal
Published October 08, 2009 in Feature (23 comments)

Review: 'Islands Disappear' by Said the Whale
I defy anyone to listen to it and not come away feeling refreshed and even inspired by Said the Whale's youthful charm, optimism and energy.
by Ryan McGreal
Published October 08, 2009 in Reviews (1 comment)

Hamilton Civic League off to a Good Start
Their leadership acumen suggests that achievement of the group's public goals is possible and makes it a valuable addition to the local civic landscape.
by David Van Beveren
Published October 08, 2009 in Commentary (2 comments)

Hamilton and Burlington: A Tale of Two Cities
Burlington is presented as a modern solution to a traditional Victorian city like Hamilton: in order to build the modern city it was necessary to escape the burdens of the past.
by Michael Cumming
Published October 07, 2009 in Commentary (48 comments)

The Sunday Peninudes at Valens Conservation Area
Given the mid-to-late 20th Century beach culture that was instilled in me, it is hardly surprising that by my mid-teens I had completely eradicated the beach from my life.
by Mark Fenton
Published October 06, 2009 in Photo Essay (1 comment)

Sushi to Go, Please
If we observe more and shout less - we can see the first blush of spring in many dark corners of our urban empire.
by Mahesh P. Butani
Published October 06, 2009 in Opinion (10 comments)

The Challenging Incongruity of Cheap Oil
Expecting or wanting oil prices to be "low or moderate" is at best incongruous, and at worst naive in the current economic, financial and political context.
by Andrew McKillop
Published October 05, 2009 in Special Report: Peak Oil (3 comments)

Hamilton to Buffalo
These two economically and geographically similar cities have followed sharply divergent trajectories over the past thirty years.
by Michael Cumming
Published October 02, 2009 in Commentary (8 comments)

Myth and Reality of Cycling and Safety
Too much of the car-vs-bicycle debate is overrun by myths and rank misinformation.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published October 01, 2009 in Commentary (45 comments)

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