Articles from March, 2009

Ontario Government Proposes Changes to Metrolinx
A bill just tabled by the Ontario Government will merge Metrolinx with GO Transit and replace the current Board of municipal politicians with appointed transportation planners.
by Ryan McGreal
Published March 31, 2009 in Special Report: Light Rail (6 comments)

Bay Observer, Can You Do Better?
Local weekly misreports a rally protesting health care funding cuts as a protest against the creation of a pediatric emergency ward.
by Ted Mitchell
Published March 30, 2009 in Media (1 comment)

An Eye For An I
Eyes might be insights to the soul, but they're windows to the world, as well.
by Kevin Somers
Published March 30, 2009 in Entertainment and Sports (0 comments)

Shelter-Mag Porn and Hieronymous Bosch
The advent of the credit crisis and the evidence of what rampant consumerism has done to the environment have given us wordly reasons not to fall into the trap that religion has always warned against.
by Michelle Martin
Published March 27, 2009 in Belonging (11 comments)

What The City Should Do About Climate Change
Explanation and background on the ten new steps Environment Hamilton recommends for the city to address the challenges of climate change.
by Environment Hamilton
Published March 27, 2009 in Special Report: Climate Change (25 comments)

Term Limits, Municipal Parties and Democratic Reform
Term limits restrict effective politicians and lifers alike, but political parties might end council deadlock and improve municipal politics.
by Chris Erl
Published March 25, 2009 in Opinion (7 comments)

Streetcars: A Brief History and a Bright Future
What an idea - take advantage of Hamilton's skilled labour, its industrial heritage and resilience to design and build a new fleet of radials right here.
by Brian Quinn
Published March 23, 2009 in Commentary (3 comments)

Book Review: Autophobia, by Brian Ladd (University of Chicago Press, 2009)
We who live in Hamilton know that the traffic-engineering view of the world dies hard. Ladd recognizes this reality. He does not rail against it; nor does he accept it.
by David Cohen
Published March 20, 2009 in Reviews (4 comments)

Simple Ideas to Make Hamilton a Safe, Liveable City
Let's all do our part to green Hamilton a little, as well as contacting our elected officials with simple, doable ideas to make our city safe and livable.
by Jason Leach
Published March 19, 2009 in City Life (14 comments)

The Best of the Tobacco Chew Spit: Seven Overlooked Westerns
No man is complete without the Western film. And you have to hand it to the Western: in most cases you can guarantee what you're going to get.
by Matthew Van Allen
Published March 19, 2009 in Reviews (0 comments)

The Ballad of Mountain Garage
Two busspottings a day was not difficult, even without really trying.
by Mark Fenton
Published March 14, 2009 in Photo Essay (10 comments)

Toxic Spin: Spec Skews Coverage of Health Rally
A recent article ostensibly covering a rally to protest cuts to local health care spending illustrates a pernicious bias in how the Spectator reports the news.
by Ted Mitchell
Published March 13, 2009 in Media (9 comments)

Minor Website Redesign
Summary of changes to the RTH website that were made this week.
by Ryan McGreal
Published March 13, 2009 in Site Notes (2 comments)

Dabbling in the Cult of Done
Can a succession of ephemeral, throwaway accomplishments add up to a worthwhile, enduring project?
by Ryan McGreal
Published March 12, 2009 in Editorial (7 comments)

Confessions of a Handyman: Can You Paint My Livingroom?
"Can you paint my livingroom?" may sound like a closed question, but it's not. It can take on as many different slants as there are people who ask it.
by Jeff Griffiths
Published March 11, 2009 in Fiction (3 comments)

Snark, Impatience, and Urban Living
A generous give-and-take among citizens, a willingness for us to make excuses for each other is even more important that an aesthetically pleasing cityscape.
by Michelle Martin
Published March 11, 2009 in Belonging (6 comments)

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