Articles from May, 2007

The Anti-Idling By-Law is an Embarrassment
City Council and staff lost sight of why it was they were making a new law.
by Trey Shaughnessy
Published May 18, 2007 in Suburban Bureau (2 comments)

Harm and Offense
Every contentious issue can be constructively approached only if the concept of harm is acknowledged and acted upon.
by Ted Mitchell
Published May 18, 2007 in Ideas (3 comments)

Harper's 'Accountability' Performance
From the vantage point of the back rooms and offices of the House of Commons, things in Ottawa are the same as they ever were or even worse.
by Praesto Presto
Published May 18, 2007 in Inside Parliament (1 comment)

How to Shift our Transport Paradigm: Learning from Grenoble
Re-balancing our urban transport network is possible, but it takes time and a real political campaign to change people's minds.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published May 18, 2007 in Special Report: Light Rail (6 comments)

Adventures In Har[dw]are
What do B. Kliban, Lewis Caroll, Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Wittgenstein, and Harare, Zimbabwe have in common?
by Mark Fenton
Published May 18, 2007 in Photo Essay (3 comments)

Independent Hits
The internet has made it easy to check out and support independent musicians, so why not do it?
by Kevin Somers
Published May 18, 2007 in Entertainment and Sports (0 comments)

Finding Hope In A Dismal World
Americans can successfully pressure Congress and state legislatures to hold a national convention to consider proposals for amending the Constitution.
by Joel S. Hirschhorn
Published May 18, 2007 in US Politics (0 comments)

Downtown Update
The core is cooking! Jason serves up the tastiest treats that downtown has to offer.
by Jason Leach
Published May 18, 2007 in Downtown Bureau (10 comments)

Tenants and Taxes
Hamilton's lowest income earners are renters, but they pay among the highest property tax rates.
by Tom Cooper
Published May 18, 2007 in Commentary (8 comments)

Another Tale of Two Cities
Hamilton was poised to prosper once. With the growing, grumbling consensus that Toronto may not be such a great place to live for much longer, Hamilton is poised once again.
by Ben Bull
Published May 18, 2007 in Accidental Activist (5 comments)

Vanishing into the American Gulag
Does Canada transfer detainees to the United States, and if so, what happens to them?
by Adrian Duyzer
Published May 18, 2007 in Digital Kayak (2 comments)

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