Word on the Street


  • Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2019
  • Time: 2:30 PM TO 6 PM and following Tuesdays
  • Location: THE VAN
  • Address: mobile across the city of Hamilton (Google Maps)
  • Contact: THE VAN
  • Phone: 905 317-9966, call or text

The Battle of the Sexes.

What do you do when your partner doesn't want to use a condom?

If he says it doesn't feel good, to restore pleasure, you can put a drop of lube inside the condom tip.

But what if he still says `No' to using a condom?

Which is more important?

His pleasure, or knowing you're fully protected from HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or an unplanned pregnancy?

You've got the right to tell him to: "Choose sex with a condom, or no sex at all."

The mobile VAN offers HIV and HEPC testing Tuesdays.

The VAN offers no-name testing with no OHIP card required.

The HIV tests takes 5 minutes for results. The HEPC test takes 20 minutes.

Your nurse will prick your finger.

If you have trouble calling or texting the VAN, think of your health and that of your future babies.

Information for this posting is drawn from VAN information and from a flyer by CAP, a taxpayer-funded organization, which seeks to warn Canada's black community about HIV/AIDS.

This includes peoples from Africa and the Caribbean.


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