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Canstruction Hamilton

Canstruction Hamilton's inaugural event will be held on October 9, 2015 along James Street North.

Hamilton's canstruction will be a one-day collaborative and interactive event where individuals gather together to design and build can structures over the course of one day. Individuals will be sorted into teams on the morning of the event. Teams each receive the same "kit of parts" - a pallet of identical canned goods - and will work together to come up with a design for their structure. They will then have the rest of the day to build their can structure.

Once the can structures have been completed, we will tour all the structures along James North during October's Art Crawl, followed by a celebration of our efforts at the Spice Factory.

Structures will be left up for viewing by the community during Art Crawl and for the entire weekend. After this time, structures will be de-canstructed and food will be donated to Hamilton Food Share.

Lunch included!


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