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By While I Understand... (anonymous) | Posted April 07, 2014 at 01:37:40 in reply to Comment 99980

While I understand your sentiment here, let's face it... most vehicular accidents, motorized or non-motorized, don't get reported these days. The vicious codified insurance retribution regime has seen to that. As such, take all statistics regarding collision counts with a grain of salt and continue trying to resolve things fairly. Nobody wants to perpetrate lifelong harm on accident participants if it can be avoided; it's only civil.
Adrian, I'm glad you are okay and understand completely where you're post-crash feelings came from. Nobody, including the person at fault, wants to be involved in a situation such as yours. Sympathy and understanding is an entirely reasonable response.
All of this simply underscores, to me, the need for better road design and user training if we are to improve the safety of all of those use our transportation routes. Let's push for that.

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