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By Steve (registered) | Posted April 06, 2014 at 08:31:10

Report, report, report!!! I'm flabbergasted that people are having bike car collision and not reporting the collision. At the very least get insurance information from the vehicle's driver. And since any bike accident results in a physical injury to the driver all collisions should be reported to police.

6 months later if it turns out you have a lingering long-term chronic injury you don't get a do-over to go back to the driver.

If you get doored, it's the door opener who's at fault and they will get a ticket. Section 165 of the Highway Traffic Act;

No person shall, (a) open the door of a motor vehicle on a highway without first taking due precautions to ensure that his or her act will not interfere with the movement of or endanger any other person or vehicle;

In one of the above posts, it's my understanding the taxi driver's insurance will cover you and your bike, and he can go after the passenger later.

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