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By anHonoredHamiltonian (anonymous) | Posted July 29, 2007 at 22:02:15

I don't think that Auchmar Estate would make a duplication of Dundurn. The history of Dundurn is enough. I enjoyed my visit with the doors open 2007 and I intend to visit it all again.

I think preserving the wonders of Auchmar Estate and its history would be wonderful. If maintained by a museum I hope the gardens and atmosphere of its history of the family history and heritage be protected in every aspect and tried to remain intact.

I've been to the Auchmar Estate many many times and I'm always amazed by it more times I go there.

For quite some time the City of Hamilton has threatened to tear down the estate and yet it still manages to stand there strong in its glory.

Preserving it could do wonders, as there is tons of history in there.

I read this in another site "Since 2001, Auchmar has been vacant, generating some rental income as a film location, but not enough to offset the $55,000 upkeep of the property, let alone its restoration -- pegged at a minimum of $4 million.

Enter the Settlement and Integration Services Organization, which would like to open a reception house where immigrants and refugees could stay during their orientation period.

SISO says Auchmar's size and the layout of its buildings make it ideal. It would tear down the dormitory wing and replace it with a modern residence in a style that it says would be in keeping with the manor building.

SISO, however, is but one of a growing group of suitors who would like to take the property off the city's hands. The city has fielded several inquiries and one unnamed party has filed a letter of intent to purchase the property."

I hope that if this is true and the people are still hoping to buy this beautiful property will maintain the home excuse me "Estate" in all its fine, humble existance as we know it. If SISO tears down the wings of this estate, you might as well say that you are tearing down pieces of history. Hamilton is full of history, but how many times will you pass by an estate on the Hamilton mountain that overlooks the city below? Not alot I assure you.

Let's maintain this building people and prevent it from being torn down or re-made into something it was never meant to be. Preserve it, Maintain it, Flower it, and Museum it and keep it for years to come for many others.

I'd volunteer to help maintain the gardens any day in honor of Buchanan!

Here's the Remember When History Fact:
Built in 1855 * Home of Isaac Buchanan, an international merchant, first president of the Hamilton Club, founder of Hamilton and Toronto boards of trade -- forerunners to modern chambers of commerce -- and founder of the regiment that would later become the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry * Built in tribute to Buchanan's father's estate in Scotland * The estate's original grounds extended to Mountain brow.


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