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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted April 04, 2014 at 09:45:34

Some close calls:

  • Jolley Cut : SUV with NY license plates holds down the horn, then comes beside me and deliberately tries to push me off the otherwise empty road. After he made physical contact, I punched his vehicle as hard as I could, denting it. I did not fall over or even skip a beat pedaling. Unable to get plate, did not call police (should have). This was years ago before the upbound bike lane.

  • Darts bus right hooked me at the right turn highway ramp from Dundurn onto York. Lovely highway infrastructure on residential blocks.

  • Vehicle right hooks me on Main turning onto Locke.

  • Vehicle backing out of driveway on Garth doesn't see me, misses me by centimeters.

  • Burlington Transit bus almost flattens me on Plains Road, nearly drives over me like I'm not even there. I am lit and reflective, that was an uncourteous/dangerous/distracted bus driver.

  • Many right hooks. There is lack of awareness and lack of courtesy. That is why the more modern cities paint their bike lanes a different color at least at crossings.

  • No left hooks, I make eye contact with each driver queued for a left turn. I'm already starting to pull on the brakes if I even think someone will go and cut me off.

Ride defensively, stay safe everyone!

So far, I mitigated inadvertent cut-offs (I think most are inadvertent), by attempting eye contact with drivers I see reversing or turning, and being extra alert with hands on brakes if eye contact fails.

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