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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted April 04, 2014 at 09:32:30

I am glad you are okay, and glad you weren't shy about seeing a doctor afterward. I've had many close calls with drivers, some accidental where the driver was inexperienced or not looking for cyclists.

Even in calmed streets, like on the Dundurn bike lanes, a taxi right hooked me right in the bike lane, and I was centimeters from taking a ride on his hood.

I have been cycling Hamilton since 2004, full time since 2008. I am pleased to report that partly due to defensive riding, and partly due to luck, I have never had a collision with a vehicle. And, until March 3 last month, a perfect safety record.

I haven't said anything yet, but now is a good time to share, I wiped out on Aberdeen Avenue in March (after one of the -20 flash freezes) and broke my knee. The embarassing thing is I safely went around the same patch of ice and potholes a hundred times during the four months prior. That day, maybe I was extra tired, but I rode into the ice patch and flew off the bike.

As you described, it was so fast. Like a Family Guy cartoon ... riding ... bang and I'm down. A friend drove me to the hospital, likewise avoiding the drama of an ambulance ride.

Anyway, in addition to helmet, knee pads are now part of my winter cycling gear (when I get back on the road. It could be another month before I'm even walking. Oops.)

So Adrian, I'm glad yours turned out minor, and the nice lady learned to be careful. I do drive periodically and I appreciate how hard it is to see around a corner or past parked cars sometimes; I empathize with both of you.

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