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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted April 04, 2014 at 07:41:34

Over-engineering works very well for freeways and rural highways where it improves safety and saves a lot of lives. And so in most nations you can enjoy highways that pretty much look the same and share common safety features.

Inside the heart of a city, the experiment revealed over-engineering for traffic has more negatives than it's worth, so many cities stopped over-engineering for cars, and start balancing out. And that trend is spreading worldwide across cities that want healthy and productive citizens. And likewise, you start to see common elements show up across such places.

Those are very different features, catering to very different conditions. Hamilton applied the highway blueprints to its own roads when industry saw huge numbers of people driving to the north end to start their shifts while those ending their shift are doing the trip in reverse.

Science has evolved as new information becomes available. Policy can do the same, and should.

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